Collier Bashara
          12 Years
          Project manager of Parade Home 2002
               Winner - President's Award
               Winner - Peoples Choice Award
               Winner - Realtor's Choice Award
               Winner - Best Site Plan
               Winner - Best Elevation
               Winner - Best Water Feature
               Winner Best Landscaping

Collier Bashara  achieved a degree in political science, and an MBA in Finance and began a career as a loan officer in a bank. “I felt that if you wanted to be successful, you needed to wear a suit, a tie, have a corner office, and go to work in a big office building.”  As a loan officer specializing in small business loans, he quickly learned that one could earn a living without wearing the suit and tie.  Although the business background with a concentration in finance has proven beneficial time and time again, this experience in approving small business loans provided Collier with a glimpse into his own dream to harness his own unique talents in building. Collier took a chance on following that dream to go into custom home-building,  he never looked back. 


For almost a decade Collier has been building and remodeling homes.   He spent several years working under a custom builder learning the trade.  As he worked in the field, he gathered every piece of knowledge taking advice from all the trades.  He developed relationships with some of the most skilled individuals  in the industry, many of whom still work with Collier today.   “I take a very positive approach to building, and leading with respect.  As a result, my trades have pushed themselves to a higher standard when they come to my job sites, and at the end of the day I feel we produce one of the best products on the market.”


Collier, a father of four, has very strong ties to the community.  He grew up in San Antonio, gradating from Alamo Heights ISD.  After graduating, he spread his wings and moved to Pennsylvania to attend Allegheny College.  Not knowing anyone or having any family in PA, Collier embarked on an adventure to which lifelong lessons were learned and relationships were made.  “Pennsylvania was a little bit of a shock to my system, but at the end of the day I would never give up the time I spent living up north."  During his junior year in college Collier meet his wife, Dana Bashara, the Assistant Superintendent at Alamo Heights Independent School District, and they wed four years later.  “I will always look at PA as my second home, and I think I brought what was best about Pittsburgh back to San Antonio.  This is a great town to settle down and raise a family."